For over 15 years Alberrys has been synonymous with rum with a range to be envious of. We have now refined our range to those which we feel embodies the best that rum can offer. Some are well known brands like Havana others are lesser known gems from around the world like the rich, deep molasses flavour of St. Nicholas Abbey rum one of the oldest plantations on the planet.

Mellow & Dark

These have a great depth of flavour, and will blend well with a ginger beer if you like a little more character in your rum.

Chairman’s Reserve
Cockspur 12 Year Old
Mount Gay Extra Old
Bacardi 8 Year Old
Havana 7 Year Old
Myers’s Original Dark
Lambs Navy
Pusser’s Blue
Gosling’s Black Seal
Captain Morgan’s Original
Woods Old Navy
Mount Gay Black Barrel
R L Seals
Westerhall No.5
Westerhall No.7

Overproof Rums

Not for the faint hearted! These fiery rums are high strength with a definite kick to them! It is rumoured that they contain medicinal properties and can cure many illnesses…

Wray & Nephew
Walter Hicks
Bacardi 151
Gosling’s 151
Plantation Original Dark

White Rums

These rums generally work best with a mixer of your choice or add some fruit and head down the cocktail route.

Havana Anejo Blanco
Havana 3 Year Old
Appleton White
Chairman’s Reserve
English Harbour

Sipping Rums

Don’t spoil these stunning spirits – just sip over a little ice nothing else!

Gosling’s Family Reserve
Mount Gay 1703
Appleton Estate 21 Year Old
Havana 15 Year Old
Pyrat XO
St Nicholas Abbey
Admiral Rodney Extra Old
Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks
English Harbour 1981
Pusser’s 15 Year Old
Ron Zacapa 23 Year Old
Westerhall No.10

Spiced Rums

There is so much more to spiced rum than the ever popular market leader that is Captain Morgan’s Spiced! With flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and other natural spices, they are truly irresistible!

Captain Morgan’s Spiced
Chairman’s Reserve Spiced
Kraken Black Spiced
Bristol Black Spiced
Sailor Jerry
Lamb’s Spiced
Four Square Spiced
Pusser’s Spiced

Gold Rums

Once again, these are wonderful rums for mixing and our preference to create a fantastic Mojito. The boss’s favourite is to add ginger ale and fresh lime to one of these amazing spirits to a long refreshing drink.

Havana Especial
Mount Gay Eclipse
Gosling’s Gold
Bacardi Gold
Appleton Special
Angustura 7 Year Old
Westerhall No.3